How To Pick The Right Horseback Riding Company

Call Soon - we are ramping up another terrific Summer/Fall season. A horseback riding vacation can be pure joy. Or it can be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Winston Churchill said, "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man"....or somethiing to that effect. We wholeheartedly agree. There's no greater peace and tranquility than climbing aboard the most spiritual animal around and transporting back in time, the way our ancestors moved around the country. To embrace the beauty of the Aspen and evergreen forests, listen to the flowing rivers and feel the sunshine (or rain) break through the canopy of extreme vegetation is an awe-inspiring activitiy while here in Summit County, Colorado.

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Hunting with Gore Range Outfitters, Summit County, CO

It's that time again. The fabulous hunting season in Summit County, Colorado. Gore Range Outfitters has been tracking these woods for years and knows all the secret spots. Hunting is an activity that will force you to slow down from your fast-paced world, breathe in the clean fresh air and renew yourself in the natural world.

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